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The Raid 2

“a brutally realistic, gritty and visceral masterpiece”

The Raid 2 has long been on my bulbous watchlist, and the end of four HSC exams have nourished my desire to watch a good film. I’ve come to realise how there are few times in life, and especially during the HSC, where you can take chances without worrying about the consequences. Watching this film vindicated to me that if you pick the right movie, watching film can be a mesmerising experience.

Where to begin? The visual style of the film is expertly constructed with a varied colour palette and highly symbolic shots that pay homage to classic gangster films like The Godfather, Casino and The Departed. Accompanying this feature is ingenious editing that makes you a participant of the action rather than an observer. It quickly becomes clear just how much work the filmmakers have put into making a brutally realistic, gritty and visceral masterpiece.

Most action films these days, despite the great effects, fail to capture your investment in the characters and sequences. Fortunately, this filmforces you follow and care for the variety of characters, regardless of their moral high ground (or lack thereof). The way the seemingly unstoppable assassins of the film are established immediately convey how the protagonist is in for a rough and bloody ride, and set up the stakes with noticeable maturity. I found the story to be perfectly paced, despite its 2 hour 30 minute runtime, and enjoyed the balance between originality and tribute. 

Of course, despite the ride I enjoyed while watching it, this film is excessively violent and confronting in nature, and I’m glad that this movie holds a hard R18+ rating. I don’t condone the violence that is portrayed on film, and I am giving a warning that this is a bloody and torturous film that might be challenging to watch. If that doesn’t put you off, it’s well worth hopping onto Netflix or iTunes to watch one of the most authentic albeit grizzly action films of all time. Let me know what you think.

Rating - ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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